A five-steps adventure will lead schools and communities to more inclusive ecosystems and mindsets inside and around the educational settings


An array of useful resources and tools is available in different languages to be used and adapted


A committed team of 14 organisations works together in this innovative and transnational project


solutions are co-designed with key stakeholders

Whole School Social Labs - Inclusive education and systems

Inclusive education and systems
places a strong emphasis on supportive, quality learning environments, and welcoming and caring schools and classrooms

Whole School Social Labs - Whole school approach

Whole school approach
the entire school community engages in a collaborative action with strong cooperation with the community at large

Whole School Social Labs - Intercultural competencies

Intercultural competencies
refers to the ability that people can develop through exposure to the ‘other’ or experience and education as to this respect

Whole School Social Labs

Social labs
represent a form of emergent strategy, demonstrating a more effective response to addressing complex challenges


Will learn through culturally sensitive curricula built-on innovative and holistic approaches


Will see their socio-educational and intercultural competencies enhanced and will have new methods to motivate ALL students


Will foster their democratic and inclusive culture, valuing diversity inside and around its walls and nurturing the active engagement of all


Will establish and maintain cross-sectoral alliances and stronger cooperation with schools and education and inclusion actors


Solutions are built on a whole school and social labs approach

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This time, the SOCI@LL consortium led by INOVA +, traveled to Florence on 23 and 24 September for the third project meeting organized by OXFAM Italy partner! The events following the meeting consisted...

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