SOCI@LL is built-on a five-steps participatory approach

Each step of this expedition has clear objectives and will lead to relevant and useful resources for schools and communities

  • Step 1

    Laying the foundations: Map current landscapes, benchmark inspiring practices and develop a roadmap for leveraging systemic changes for social inclusion

  • Step 2

    Engaging key players for collaborative actions: Nurture joint learning, sharing of experiences and cooperation between schools and communities at the local, national and European level

  • Step 3

    Co-developing, testing and validating innovative educative assets: Offer school leaders and teachers resources for creating and sustaining inclusive systems inside and around schools, enabling curricular and pedagogical innovation and fostering multicultural learning in and out classrooms

  • Step 4

    Co-developing, testing and validating innovative guiding tools: Offer resources to local authorities on how to generate, foster and sustain cross-sectorial platforms for social inclusion

  • Step 5

    Building and animating a lively Virtual Social Lab
    Set-up a Soci@ll virtual hub where the project resources will be made available together with an array of additional tools