The Approach and its Objectives

SOCI@LL is built-on an five-steps innovative approach which is supported by the whole school and holistic framework, a systemic and although participatory methodology that not only promotes ownership and co-creation among a multitude of relevant actors but also foster sustainable changes towards inclusive contexts in and around schools. Each step of this expedition has clear objectives.

– Co-create an up-to-date common body of knowledge and provide a shared comprehensive overview on the state-of-play and needs of key actors inside and around schools.

– Benchmark and showcase best practices to encourage and support relevant stakeholders to integrate lessons learnt in their emerging pathways towards democratic and inclusive environments.

– Co-develop a roadmap, which will support, leverage and accelerate systemic changes.

– Boost the engagement of all stakeholders in the project from an early stage and fostering their commitment and sense of ownership.

– Nurture joint learning, sharing of experiences and cooperation between and within systems inside and around schools, built-on on local open partnerships interconnected at a European level.

–  Develop, pilot and fine-tune a toolkit for school leaders on how to create and sustain culturally-sensitive and inclusive systems inside and around schools (comprised by guidelines, programme of activities and edutainment resources)

– Develop, pilot and fine-tune a toolkit for teachers on how to drive and put into practice curricular and pedagogical innovation and foster multicultural learning in and out classrooms (comprised by guidelines, manual and supporting resources).

–  Develop, pilot and fine-tune guiding tools for local authorities on how to generate, foster and sustain cross-sectorial platforms for social inclusion (comprised by a step-by-step methodological approach to social labs and supporting resources).

–  Set-up a Soci@ll virtual hub where the project resources will be made available together with an array of additional tools that will not only promote the direct contact of the target-groups with innovative tools but also encourage sharing of experiences and debate on current and emerging topics.

– Establish sustained links between local partnerships through a European alliance supported by this online platform.