First step of SOCI@LL expedition kicked off

The first stage of the project is already underway and partners work hard to create a solid foundation of shared knowledge about the state of the art and needs of the target groups. Involving all partners, this phase (led by CESIE) is built-on several research and fieldwork activities, including questionnaires to students, teachers and school leaders; interviews with experts in the fields of education and social inclusion; and focus groups with key actors from the school community and with other relevant stakeholders.

These activities are taking place in all countries of the partnership, with the networks of technical & scientific partners, local authorities and schools being activated.

In total, 250 students, 125 teachers and 15 school managers (through questionnaires), 50 specialists (through interviews) and 150 key actors (through focus groups) are expected to be involved.

The results of these activities will be complemented with the main findings of the literature review process, being systematized in national reports on the state of the art, needs and trends, and recommendations for the development of the SOCI@LL Roadmap. In total, four reports will be produced, which will be compiled into a single document. A database with the most current references on the themes addressed by the project will also be developed.