How are the SOCI@LL WEEKS running in schools?



An amazing and colourful SOCI@LL Week has welcomed new and old students and all the staff of the Licei Giovanni da San Giovanni after the long lockdown due to Covid-19!




Although a certain number of rules have been introduced to guarantee the distancing between students, and between students and teachers, and face masks are made compulsory, senior students have welcomed the new ones with a lovely video in which the school environment and the SOCI@LL  project have been presented.

In every class, teachers have introduced activities centered on the four pillars of inclusion according to a schedule that has been shown every morning on a board in the school entrance hall.

Local associations in which citizens volunteer for inclusion (helping disabled people or young mothers, keeping town suburbs clean etc.) have offered a precious contribution to the event sending messages that we have printed on big posters and nice videos.

Most school staff is now wearing SOCI@LL badges and everyone knows a bit more about inclusion!

Stay tuned and find more about these works in schools!