What are open partnerships and what are they for?

What are open partnerships and what are they for?

One of the main elements of the SOCI@LL project is its collaborative and co-creation methodology which foresees the active participation of the target groups and the main beneficiaries of the results from the outset. For this reason, the project is built-on networks to be created and sustained in each of the partner countries.

Who participates in these networks?

The networks are targeted to the adventurers of the SOCI@LL expedition, including schools, local authorities and relevant community stakeholders who are interested in participating in project activities and have first-hand access to resources.

What activities will be developed within these networks?

The members of these communities of practice will actively contribute to the design, testing and optimization of resources (such as toolkits for teachers and school leaders and guidelines for the animation of social labs), participating in events (face-to- national and international level) and having access to the Virtual Social Laboratory. At the events or through this hub, members of the open partnerships will be able to share experiences and have contact with good practices.

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