SOCI@LL results analysed in a seminar with stakeholders

SOCI@LL project and results were presented and analysed last week (on the 7th), on a seminar held at Casa da Juventude in Matosinhos (Portugal). Promoted by the Municipality of Matosinhos in cooperation with the School Cluster Abel Salazar and INOVA+, this event was addressed to different members of the school community and local actors operating in the fields of education and social inclusion.

The results of the first phase of the project (implemented through a participatory methodology), were summarised, especially the State of Play, Best Practices and the SOCI@LL Strategy.

The agenda included also a collaborative dynamic in which participants had the opportunity to discuss priorities, challenges and opportunities for inclusive education (inside and around the school). The inputs collected will be incorporated into the products that are currently being developed, namely:

  • Toolkit for school leaders on how to create and sustain culturally sensitive and inclusive systems inside and around schools
  • Toolkit for teachers on how to drive curricular and pedagogical innovation and foster multicultural learning in and out classrooms
  • Guiding tools for local authorities on how to generate, foster and sustain cross-sectorial platforms for social inclusion

At the end of the session, SOCI@LL next steps were clarified, including the development and testing of the resources. For this purpose, the entities attending the event were invited to participate in the validation process, which is expected to start in October. This participation is extended to other entities and individuals that have an interest in being involved.