SOCI@LL attended the Erasmus+ KA3 Thematic Cluster!

The SOCI@LL project, coordinated by INOVA+, joined the KA3 Thematic Cluster of the Erasmus+ organized by the EACEA and aimed at bringing together the coordinators from Policy Experimentations, Forward-Looking Cooperation Projects, Social Inclusion, and Civil Society Cooperation. ouRoute, another initiative led by INOVA+, was represented…

#ERASMUSDAYS – 2nd Igniting Event successfully organized in Porto

    On October 10, 2019, took place the seminar „New Approaches to Education for Citizenship and Social Inclusion”, inserted in the celebrations of #ErasmusDay, at the Florbela Espanca Municipal Library, in Matosinhos. Organized by INOVA+ and MENTORTEC, the event aimed to celebrate the #ErasmusDays…

SOCI@LL toolkits presented in #ERASMUSDAYS!

This time, the SOCI@LL consortium led by INOVA +, traveled to Florence on 23 and 24 September for the third project meeting organized by OXFAM Italy partner! The events following the meeting consisted of the development of two training courses for the main end-users of…

The SOCI@LL series of events continues in Italy

Problems such as inclusion and diversity are becoming a major commitment for many schools and local authorities, forcing them to pay attention to portraying diversity as a value, and raising awareness on issues related to disability, multiculturalism, gender equality, and bullying. Even the territorial governance…

SOCI@LL results analysed in a seminar with stakeholders

SOCI@LL project and results were presented and analysed last week (on the 7th), on a seminar held at Casa da Juventude in Matosinhos (Portugal). Promoted by the Municipality of Matosinhos in cooperation with the School Cluster Abel Salazar and INOVA+, this event was addressed to…

The first results are available for you!

The state-of-the-art, best practices, and roadmap for SOCI@LL are finally ready to the shared with you! For each category, a global report was developed, only in English, as well as a booklet, in all partner languages. The state-of-the-art is the only exception, in which, besides…

The first Cypriot event

Raising awareness for the SOCI@LL activities and initiatives set in place all over Europe is essential. Communication and creation of innovative approaches for social inclusion, promotion of participatory and empowering tools for creative and sustainable solutions co-designed by, with and for key-stakeholders within a whole…

SOCI@LL plays the video

The SOCI@LL project has a video for you! Aiming to show you in a creative and direct way the strategy of the project and the result of the state of play in the field of social inclusion, as well as the best practices and current roadmap that is being followed, this video was developed and is now available. To facilitate the understanding, the video has subtitles available, in English, Portuguese, Greek, and Polish. Share your opinion! We are looking forward to knowing what you think about the project and the video.

The expedition continues!

The third and fourth step of the SOCI@LL expedition are starting! Let’s develop and provide innovative educative assets as well as innovative guiding tools. Here, two main target groups will be reached: – for one side, the school leaders and teachers, through the pilot and…

Interviews are on!

After the desk research conducted in the four consortium countries and the field research on initiatives that are being implemented or already were, partners chose three best practices in each country, plus three best practices in European Level, one concerning the following three areas: –…

SOCI@LL participated in the III Seminar Erasmus+ Education and Special Needs: equity and inclusion

The Portuguese National Agency invited the SOCI@LL project to be present and participate in the “III Seminar Erasmus+ Education and Special Needs: equity and inclusion” on the 30th November, in Lisbon, Portugal. During this day, INOVA+, the project coordinator and partner that participated in the…

CARDET presented SOCI@LL in ILE2018

The Centre for the Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology (CARDET) in collaboration with the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture and the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, organised the 11th International Conference of „Innovative Learning Environments 2018”, focusing on the theme of „Social Inclusion…

Second project meeting held in Nicosia, Cyprus

The second meeting of the project took place in Nicosia, Cyprus, on 8th and 9th of October.

What are open partnerships and what are they for?

One of the main elements of the SOCI@LL project is its collaborative and co-creation methodology which foresees the active participation of the target groups and the main beneficiaries of the results from the outset.

National networks carried out the research and fieldwork activities

The engagement of different actors during the fieldwork activities allowed the identification of several good practices promoted by different types of entities and in various theme

Project brochure released!

The SOCI@LL brochure is now available

First step of SOCI@LL expedition kicked off

The first stage of the project is already underway and partners work hard to create a solid foundation of shared knowledge about the state of the art and needs of the target groups.

SOCI@LL’s results

Built-on a holistic approach, the SOCI@LL project proposes to the stakeholders a challenging co-creation and cooperation adventure aimed at improving the way schools and communities work together to create innovative approaches to social inclusion. To achieve this goal, the initiative will generate a creative and…

SOCI@LL’s partners’ met in Matosinhos, Portugal

On 7th and 8th of March, the SOCI@LL consortium met face-to-face for the first time. The kick-off meeting was held in Matosinhos, Portugal, and was organized by the project coordinator: INOVA+.

SOCI@LL attends the Coordinators’ meeting held in Brussels by the EACEA

A very interesting opportunity to meet the leaders of more than 20 initiatives supported by the European Commission and of which SOCI@LL is a member.

Whole School Social Labs starts and promises innovation in the field of inclusive education

SOCI@LL is an innovative project aimed at supporting policy reforms in the area of ​​social inclusion through education. This initiative, supported by the Erasmus + Program of the European Commission, was selected by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency and started in 2018.