2020 the year of the challenges, obstacles, resilience and success in the Soci@ll project!

Against all odds, 2020 was one of the most fruitful and grateful years of the project, full of activities involving the school and local communities!

Following the methodology defined by the Soci@ll consortium, schools and municipalities had the opportunity of promoting the:

  • Citizenship and inclusion in classes
  • Soci@ll Week in the schools
  • Soci@ll Labs in the local communities


The citizenship and inclusion in classes, consisted in the preparation and promotion of activities in the learning context, engaging students in the reflection and discussion about themes related to three main themes:

A training programme was prepared to endow teachers with competences and tools for the preparation and management of these activities in their classes. Overall, 12 activities from the Manual Citizenship and Inclusion in classes were implemented, engaging 30 professionals and around 500 students from Portugal, Italy, Poland and Cyprus.

To complement the activities in classes, educators and students planned and promoted the Soci@ll Week, a 6-days event with activities to build a more inclusive and democratic school. The Soci@ll Week activities counted with the participation of 34 educators and around 800 students that prepared exhibitions, videos, dances, photo galleries, awareness events, among other initiatives.

Soci@ll is based on the whole school approach and such, the process of cooperative design and intervention was beyond the school context. The project supports school-community cooperation and offers new educational solutions for social inclusion inside and outside school.

To accomplish this, the consortium designed a methodology and resources for the establishment and promotion of the local Soci@ll Labs in Portugal, Poland, Italy and Cyprus. Generically, these labs consist of meetings gathering organisations and professionals of the community to identify challenges/problems and draft strategies to overcome them. In the context of the Soci@ll project, the labs mobilised youth organisations, schools, representatives from the Municipalities, local associations and other organisations acting in the field of social inclusion, interculturality and other topics related to citizenship education and social inclusion. Overall, the consortium promoted 5 Soci@ll Labs, involving 63 professionals in 22 meetings.

The themes for discussion were defined by the members from the labs and different topics were approached by the five Soci@ll Labs, such as mental health, preventing early school leaving, intercultural dialogue and inclusive communication in school, school-community partnership for the diversity, combat discrimination in schools, vandalism in the community and violence in schools. Five projects resulted from these Soci@ll Labs, some are already being implemented and others will be implemented in the following school year.


Check all the resources developed within the Soci@ll project a start using them in your school, organisation or community!

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