The SOCI@LL series of events continues in Italy

Problems such as inclusion and diversity are becoming a major commitment for many schools and local authorities, forcing them to pay attention to portraying diversity as a value, and raising awareness on issues related to disability, multiculturalism, gender equality, and bullying. Even the territorial governance process by the Tuscany Region intends to activate the collaboration between educational institutions and municipalities, aggregated in the Zonal Conferences for education and training, together with the different subjects that act around these topics. The participation of the various actors of the system in integrated and synergetic programming of the interventions aims to achieve an inclusive path of real effectiveness.

Due to this context, on the 20th of May, Oxfam and Licei San Giovanni Valdarno held an igniting event about the SOCI@LL project at Church of San Giovanni Battista, in San Giovanni Valdarno town, in order to present the objectives and outputs of the project, as well as the Italian national report on social inclusion and the next steps, focusing on the contents of the toolkit for school leaders and teachers. The SOCI@LL project was presented inside a meeting on the Cyberbullying topic and represented a great opportunity to deepen important topics about social inclusion and spread innovative tool and methodologies between different stakeholders.

The event was attended by around 100 people including teachers, parents, students, policymakers, and stakeholders and allowed to collect 60 signature of people interested to have more information on the project.

The meeting had very positive feedback and met the interest of the majority of people, as mentioned above, and in particular an important key actor: the Local Health Centre. All participants strongly believe that inclusion is a priority inside and around schools.