Building a great project with a great partnership: how Soci@ll partnership is overcoming the COVID-19 challenges!

23rd of April 2020, it was expected Soci@ll partners meet in Poland for the 4th face-to-face project meeting and exchange their experiences related to the activities being implemented in schools and local communities! However, a different meeting took place, at distance, and partners focused their discussion on ideas and a possible strategy to overcome the challenges imposed by COVID-19.


This was the main goal of the meeting: How partners can proceed with the implementation of the activities previewed under Soci@ll project, considering the actual circumstances?

It was an intense and fruitful meeting, in which all partners from the 4 countries of the partnership – Portugal, Italy, Poland and Cyprus – had the opportunity to contribute to, sharing their constraints, challenges and struggles, but also providing possible solutions, adaptation and evidencing an extraordinary willing to define a common strategy to accomplish one of the biggest milestones of the project: the involvement of the school and local communities in the testing, validation and use of the resources designed during these 2 years and half of cooperation.

Many topics were discussed during this 4th meeting, including the:

  • Peer-learning events to take place in schools and local communities gathering the participants on the pilot test, discussing the resources, its relevance and adequacy
  • Benchmarking events, that preview the contact between school leaders, teachers, students, and other stakeholders from the four countries of the partnership exchanging ideas and experience during the implementation of Soci@ll activities
  • Forward-looking sessions, designed to discuss and analyse the sustainability and exploitation plan of the project
  • Soci@ll Lessons implemented in schools, involving school leaders, teachers and students and strategies for the implementation of the Soci@ll week
  • Soci@ll labs to be promoted at local level, involving different stakeholders in the discussion and analysis of relevant topics related to the promotion of the social inclusion in schools
  • Virtual Social Hub, a platform available to schools’ leaders, teachers, and other stakeholders, providing the Soci@ll resources and other documents, to support the implementation of the Soci@ll approach in the schools’ and local communities


In the following months, partners will analyse the conditions for the implementation of these activities and define a common strategy for its implementation assuring the maximum impact of the project in its target groups, an evaluation and validation process of the resources developed and the sustainability and exploitation of the project’s main results.

We challenge you to keep tuned by visiting Soci@ll website regularly and following all the updated of the project in its Facebook page.