INOVA+ is the Portuguese leading company in the promotion and management of international projects of innovation, education and training and research and technological development

Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos is a Municipality very active in the educational field, supporting several actions that encourage the engagement and collaboration between educational actors and the community at the general

Agrupamento de Escolas Abel Salazar is a Portuguese cluster of schools committed with the integration and educational success of all the students through a positive climate inside and around the schools and a diversified and adjusted educational offer


CARDET, located in Cyprus, is one of the leading research and development centre in the Mediterranean region with global expertise in inclusive education, teachers and educators’ capacity building, and e-learning

The Municipality of Agios Athanasios is a Cypriot Municipality experienced in European projects linked to education and leads several activities to promote social inclusion through education, training and youth

The Grammar Modern School, located in Cyprus, nurtures their students the enduring qualities of consideration, curiosity and confidence by encouraging them to think clearly, to make well-structured choices, and to be responsive to the world around them


Fundacja Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej is a Polish Centre for Citizenship Education that gathers an extensive experience of fostering civil society and participatory democracy inside schools through a complex system of schoolings and mentoring

Ząbki Town is a Polish Municipality that provides modern educational opportunities to local and foreign citizens, being granted the Leader of Education title awarded by the Euro-Partner Economic Foundation

Associated partner, Szkoła Podstawowa Nr 3 – im. Małego Powstańca w Ząbkach is a Polish school committed with the universal education goals, the use of modern technologies in education and the development of multi-disciplinary projects


CESIE is a European centre of studies and initiatives, located in Italy and committed to stimulating development and change in educational, cultural and economic spheres through the creation and use of innovative tools and methods

Associated partner, Comune di Palermo is an Italian Municipality deeply engaged in educational projects that promote school-community collaboration and foster social inclusion

I.I.S.S. Alessandro Volta is an Italian professional institute focused on the industrial sector and very multicultural and diversity-friendly, being involved in several projects aimed at promoting social inclusion

Oxfam Italia is an Italian NGO with relevant intervention in the areas of development cooperation and humanitarian aid, campaigns and education for active citizenship, and projects for local development

Associated Partner, Unione dei Comuni Montani del Casentino is an Italian inter-municipal cooperation structure that plans and monitors the region development and progress in several areas, including education and social inclusion

Licei “Giovanni da San Giovanni” is an Italian school that promotes various initiatives to modernise the curricula and pedagogical practices to meet the needs of intercultural and multilingual educational settings