• Toolkit for teachers on how to drive curricular and pedagogical innovation and foster multicultural learning in and out classrooms

Guiding tools for local authorities on how to generate, foster and sustain cross-sectorial platforms for social inclusion

A toolkit for local authorities that will support them into the creation and maintenance of cross-sectorial platforms for social inclusion: comprised by a step-by-step methodological approach to social labs and supporting resources to create, animate and sustain these social inclusion platforms, this toolkit will be tested by end-users and fine-tuned to ensure optimised alignment with the stakeholders needs and expectations.


  • Training programme of the course “Strategies, tools and methods for generating, fostering and sustaining cross-sectorial platforms for social inclusion”: available in EN
  • Guidelines including a step-by-step methodology and activities for the organisation of social labs at community level: available in EN, GR, IT, PL and PT
  • Full report on the implementation of the guiding tools: available in EN
  • Briefing on the implementation of the guiding tools: available in ENGRITPL and PT