Second project meeting held in Nicosia, Cyprus

The second meeting of the project took place in Nicosia, Cyprus, on 8th and 9th of October. Organized by CARDET, this event was held together with the training program for partners representing local authorities and schools. During the meeting, all the SOCI@LL work packages were deepened, the progress was reviewed, and next steps were defined. A special focus was given to the results of stakeholder consultation methodologies and literature review to define the main themes to be incorporated in the resources that will be developed (toolkits for teachers and school leaders and guiding tools for the animation of social labs). The training program, organized by CARDET on 10 and 11, was dedicated to strategies, tools and methods for creating and maintaining partnerships, clarifying and reinforcing competencies for the organization and dynamization of collaborative practices during the igniting events peer & benchmarking activities and forward-looking sessions.

We will soon provide more information about these events. Don’t miss it.