Soci@ll Final Conference

Celebrating the 3 years of the Soci@ll project at an International Final Conference!

The Soci@ll project completed 3-years of implementation and it is almost finalizing! To celebrate this achievement, the consortium is preparing an online conference – Whole School Social Labs – Social Inclusion of Youngsters in the Educational Context – on the 10th of May between 14:00-16:00 (Brussels Time).

This event is addressed to representatives and professionals from schools, local authorities, youth centers/associations and any other organization supporting the learning and well-being of youngsters in Portugal, Cyprus, Italy and Poland.

Participation is free, but participants need to make their registration by filling in this form by the 9th of May 2021.

Three years passed by since 13 organizations from Portugal, Italy, Cyprus and Poland began their path in this challenging expedition in the Soci@ll project!

What moved us? The willingness to make a difference and contribute to strengthening the competences and ability of schools and local communities in the promotion of inclusion in and around the schools.

To where this lead us? To the preparation and publication of resources suitable to be (and keep being) implemented in schools and local communities that have a real impact on the promotion of the self-awareness, social conscience and active citizenship of youngsters from our communities. Within the Soci@ll, schools, local authorities and other local organizations have access to:

  • A manual with information, the proposal of activities and multiple resources to include different topics related to education for citizenship, including sustainable development, gender equality, human rights, democratic participation, among others.
  • Planning and resources to plan and prepare the Soci@ll Week, consisting of a 5-days event with a set of activities to be done in the school setting approaching relevant topics related to citizenship education.
  • A methodology and supporting materials to plan and promote Soci@ll Labs sessions in the local community, gathering professionals and representatives from different organizations of or working with youngsters, for the identification of social challenges and drafting of solutions to overcome them.
  • A platform of cooperation and exchange of ideas, perceptions and experience between different organizations and professionals related with the involvement and engagement of youngsters in the reflection, discussion and engagement about social challenges and strategies to overcome them.

All these results are available for download here and will be presented and discussed at the final conference.

For more information about the project or conference, please contact Andreia Monteiro – INOVA+ by