Soci@ll International Conference

The success of the Social Inclusion of Youngsters in the Educational Context International Conference!

The international conference of the Soci@ll project took place online on the 10th of May 2021, aiming to present the main resources developed by the partnership and share the 3-years of experience of this incredible group!

It was a 2-hours event focused on the social inclusion of youngsters in the educational context, hosted by Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos (Portugal) that gathered about 90 professionals acting in the field of education for citizenship and social inclusion of youngsters mostly from Portugal, Cyprus, Poland and Italy.

After brief introductory notes from Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos (Portugal) about the commitment of the Municipality to social inclusion and innovation in education, as well as the contribution and impact of the Soci@ll project in the community, participants had the opportunity to know the Soci@ll project in a glimpse by INOVA+ (Portugal), the coordinator. This moment was followed by one of the hot moments of the conference, with a special guest, Luís Gonçalves, presenting an inspirational talk dedicated to the topic of the conference. Luís Gonçalves is a teacher and member of the working group of the Portuguese Strategy for Citizenship Education (available for download here) and shared his vision and experience related to the:

  • Portuguese policy and practices to promote citizenship education in schools, based on the whole school approach, students’ centred approach and project-based learning – three concepts that are well addressed in the Soci@ll project.
  • Relevance of European synergies and projects to the accomplishment of the Portuguese Strategy for Citizenship Education – and Soci@ll is one of those projects.



Four National workshops, one per country of the consortium – Portugal, Cyprus, Poland and Italy – took place during the conference aiming to:

  • Present the activities and events implemented in each of the countries, showing how schools and local communities can benefit from Soci@ll resources.
  • Share the testimonies of school directors, teachers, students, local authorities and other local representatives, related to the materials and how they can contribute to citizenship education and social inclusion.
  • Show other professionals and organizations how partners will continue to use the Soci@ll materials and keeping/start implementing some practices and projects that emerged during the project development.

After this fruitful sharing of experiences and testimonies, the consortium proceeded with the presentation of the main resources developed within Soci@ll, namely the:

The participants were invited to explore and use these materials in their contexts of intervention and a form (here) was provided at the end of the conference for those who wish to request more information and support about the project. All resources and presentations used are available for download here.

The Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos (Portugal) closed the event, marked by the energy and enthusiasm of all organizations involved!

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