SOCI@LL participated in the III Seminar Erasmus+ Education and Special Needs: equity and inclusion

The Portuguese National Agency invited the SOCI@LL project to be present and participate in the “III Seminar Erasmus+ Education and Special Needs: equity and inclusion” on the 30th November, in Lisbon, Portugal.

During this day, INOVA+, the project coordinator and partner that participated in the event, had the opportunity, for one side, to share points of views and experiences with other organizations that work in the field of social inclusion and have Erasmus+ projects implemented or that are being implemented, and, for the other side, to present the project in a round table “Equity and Inclusion: schools and community”, focusing on the diagnosis performed at the moment, regarding the state of art. More, several testimonials were presented, from people with special needs, and also from organizations that work and support them. The Erasmus+ projects are very important in this field since they can contribute and implement solutions for some problems and try to develop mechanisms to reach the community and raise awareness on the problems felt in this field.

The SOCI@LL project would like to thank the Portuguese national Agency for the initiative and for considering our project for this very important event.