The expedition continues!

The third and fourth step of the SOCI@LL expedition are starting! Let’s develop and provide innovative educative assets as well as innovative guiding tools.

Here, two main target groups will be reached:

– for one side, the school leaders and teachers, through the pilot and fine tune of the Toolkit for school leaders on how to create and sustain culturally-sensitive and inclusive systems inside and around schools and the Toolkit for teachers on how to drive curricular and pedagogical innovation and foster multicultural learning in and out classrooms

– for the other side, the local authorities, which will be invited to test the Guiding tools for local authorities on how to generate, foster and sustain cross-sectorial platforms for social inclusion developed under the project.

Schools and municipalities partners in the consortium will have a key role in the development of these assets and tools, as they will give inputs on the subjects, as well as organize events, aiming to include other schools and local authorities in the creation process, enabling the cooperation and co-development component, basis of the project, as well as the testing by external authorities.

If you would like to participate in the events, please contact us here!