The Toolkit journey around community – Snapshot from Poland

The third edition of the “Snapshot from…” series is now on!

This time, the last Toolkit and some of its results, developed in the SOCI@LL project, are presented – Toolkit for Local Authorities. This tool will support local authorities in the creation and maintenance of transversal platforms for social inclusion, comprising by a step-by-step methodological approach to social labs and supporting resources to create, animate and sustain these social inclusion labs.


Thus, our third reporter of this serie is from Poland, from the Center for Citizenship Education (CEO)! She comes to talk to us about the implementation of the Toolkit for Local Authorities, more specifically about the organization of social labs at the community level. Let’s see the news she has to tell us!

“3,2,1… Let’s start! Join the Summer Social Labs in Ząbki!

On the 15th of July, Social Labs were started in Poland! During six meetings, which will take place in a friendly and creative atmosphere, in various places in our city, we will:

  • look for challenges related to equal access for all, inclusion, participation and education in our city
  • consider possible solutions
  • choose the solutions that we would like to test and check if and how it work
  • plan to implement changes

The social labs, running from July to September 2020, will have their last two sessions on August 19th and September 20th!

Join us in Ząbki!”

If you are excited about this story, wait until you know what’s coming! Stay tuned and wait for the next episode!