The Toolkit journey in schools – Snapshot from Portugal

The implementation of the Toolkit for Teachers, designed and developed within the SOCI@LL project as a set of resources for teachers to use with their students, has already started in some of the project partners’ countries.

The consortium is following these implementations and some of its interesting results, and during the next weeks, we will present a series of testimonies from teachers, school leaders, and other school staff from all partner countries.

So, this time, let’s travel to Portugal! The first ”reporter” is a teacher from Agrupamento de Escolas Abel Salazar (AEJE) and the feedback about the implementation of the Toolkit in her class shows a noticeable impact and changes in their students’ learning and acting.

“The implementation of the Soci@ll Toolkit in the 10th-grade classes of Agrupamento de Escolas Abel Salazar allowed the creation of a transversal work area, with articulation between different subjects, using an interdisciplinary approach. The Toolkit was implemented, allowing collaborative work between teachers and students.

In public schools, educating for citizenship becomes increasingly important. The implementation of the Toolkit helped students become more active, informed and responsible citizens, willing and able to take responsibility for themselves and their communities. The students’ feedback was very positive, they got involved in the addressed activities by actively participating, developing analytical and critical skills concerning topics which they had never had the opportunity to discuss together.”


Curious to know more about how SOCI@LL resources are impacting the whole school approach in other countries? Stay tuned and wait for the next story !